Museum Restoration



The Netherlands



The monumental property was undergoing a major restoration.  Among other things, the windows were to be replaced and they wished to remain open during construction.  The plan was to relocate galleries one by one as they moved the construction team through.   Dust control was paramount because of the visitors and priceless art.


Framing walls of drywall was not an option given the length (630 feet) and ceiling height (11 feet) of each enclosure, which would have to be built then quickly taken down and relocated to the next area.  Damage to the ceilings was also a concern.


Project managers found the solution with
Curtain-Wall.   Here are the reasons they gave for their decision:


     It can quickly be moved from room to room.

     The professional look

     Safety (fire retardant plastic sheeting)

     Cost Savings


In short: Curtain-Wall was the only usable option here!



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