Balcony Enclosure


"Frankly, it's just a great invention"

- Rick Hammer


It's cold!   A freezing 19⁰F day and Rick is about to begin a job painting the balcony windows on more than 200 apartments.   Sounds impossible right?  Absolutely not!


Rick Hammer | Project Leader:

"Normally, we would not even be able to take on this kind of job with such low temperatures.  Both the workers and the painting would suffer too much.  However, a friend recommended we try the Curtain-Wall system.  Each balcony became an enclosed and heated workplace.  In our enclosure we measured the temperature at 46⁰F, and when the sun was shining it climbed up to 59⁰F!


Did it take a lot of time to enclose the balcony?

Theo | Painter:
"A 30' long balcony took about 15 minutes. Breaking it down takes about the same.  This makes the Curtain-Wall system extremely flexible for us! "


What were the benefits of using Curtain-Wall for this project?

Rick Hammer:

"Frankly, it's just a great invention.  The system is extremely flexible.  Our painters can put up a wall fast and there is no one working in the cold".

 "When we are finished painting, it is back in the carry bag within no time and we set off to the next job."





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