Rebuilding an Asthma Treatment Center


Who is the Curtain-Wall user?

Giesbers Construction


Why Curtain-Wall was chosen?

In an asthma treatment center, dust control is a top priority.  To relieve the customer, Giesbers Construction used the Curtain-Wall system during the renovation.  As a result, the treatment center was able to remain open without patients or staff being affected by the demolition debris and construction dust.


Sam Hertog | Planner: "Curtain-Wall is a good dust seal that moves easily and quickly, The latter is useful in connection with the implementation in stages through the building.  Curtain-Wall saves us work".


What was the alternative for Curtain Wall?

Sam: "The alternative was wooden studs with reinforced film, however this was a lot more work and difficult to reuse and move."



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